Why did twenty first century legislators behave differently?

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canada goose outlet reviews They preferred less competition in credit markets not out of concern for the unwitting farmers, but in order to defend powerful lenders’ profits. It worked, but an unintended collateral effect was to protect these districts from getting carried away by the financial frenzy.Why did twenty first century legislators behave differently? The cynical, and increasingly popular, view is that they were again voting their pocketbooks all financial legislation in the run up to the 2008 crisis was supposedly driven by the financial sector’s appetite for more customers to devour with teaser loans and dubious mortgages.But, if voting was influenced by the financial sector, the supposed party of the plutocrats, the Republicans, should have voted in unison for the bill. Instead, they split on the basis of whose non rich constituents were more desirous of obtaining finance. canada goose outlet reviews

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