This movie was strangely cathartic

Leighton Meester

canada goose clearance sale While we can’t imagine anyone other than Blake Lively and playing the roles of Serena and Blair on ‚Gossip Girl’, casting director David Rapport has revealed that the two actress’ weren’t the studio’s first choice. Instead Rumer Willis and Ashley Olsen were the studio’s top picks to play the Upper East Side queens. canada goose clearance sale

By The Gun Trailer

canada goose Nick Tortano has always felt under pressure to do well in his life, no matter what that takes. He’s constantly been the subject of bitter disappointment from his Italian father, who deeply disapproved of the life of petty crime and dodgy dealings that Nick had entered into. Having become so used to his criminal ways, Nick knows no other way to live his life, but is still ultimately ambitious in his career of violence canada goose outlet in new york and covert money making. Thus, the next step for him led him to join the Boston mafia, and while he may have found true status, he soon finds canada goose outlet price out that there’s a lot more to this criminal underworld than he initially realised, and when he falls in love with a young girl named Ali Matazano, he suddenly discovers for the first time that he finally has something to lose and canada goose outlet new york city he’s in more danger of that than he thought. canada goose

buy canada goose jacket At canada goose outlet store new york least it starts well, with a sequence centred on Hank (Robert Downey Jr), a slick Chicago lawyer with a precocious daughter (Emma Tremblay) and an angry trophy wife (Sarah Lancaster) who has had enough. Hank’s cold hearted ways are a legacy of his canada goose outlet estranged relationship with his father Joseph (Robert Duvall), the no nonsense judge in a small town Indiana town. Then Hank canada goose outlet 80 off is called home when his mother dies, comforting his brothers Glen (Vincent D’Onofrio), whose injured hand ended his baseball career, and Dale (Jeremy Strong), who is mentally challenged. He also rekindles his youthful romance with waitress Sam (Vera Farmiga). Then Joseph is arrested for murder, and Hank steps in to help inexperienced lawyer CP (Dax Shepard) defend him against the shark like prosecutor (Billy Bob Thornton). buy canada goose jacket

canada goose deals There isn’t a single subtle element in this film, as the script is carefully constructed to pull our canada goose outlet sale sympathies back and forth even though both Hank and Joseph are deeply unlikeable grumps. Downey and Duvall are good enough actors to make them watchable, but director David Dobkin (The Change up) hammers every sentimental scene home with far too much force. And the script is so simplistic that it chickens out before anything interesting happens. Even the court case lacks something compelling to draw the audience in. It certainly doesn’t help that the characters are all deeply contrived. Just one example: there’s a disability for each of the three brothers: physical, emotional and mental. canada goose deals

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By Michael West in Movies / TV / Theatre on 03 September 2014

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David Dobkin’s movie ‚The Judge’ is the opener at Toronto Film Festival a slot not traditionally associated with high quality.

Canada Goose Parka David Dobkin, the filmmaker best known for his classic comedy Wedding Crashers, brings an altogether different film to the Toronto Film Festival this week. His legal drama The Judge, starring Robert Downey Jr and Robert canada goose outlet mississauga Duvall, opens this year’s festival on Thursday canada goose outlet canada (August 4, 2014). Canada Goose Parka

Robert Downey Jr [L] and Robert Duvall [R] in ‚The Judge’

„I hadn’t had an opportunity to really dig in and do something like this in 20 years,” Dobkin told the Canadian Press of his foray into drama. canada goose outlet locations in toronto „There are a lot of intense scenes in the movie. You would think that comedies are more fun to work on and they’re not always as fun as they come out. This movie was strangely cathartic.”

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canada goose coats on sale Hank Palmer is a ruthless but excellent lawyer, despised by many of his peers for his habit of representing often blatantly guilty criminals. One day mid trial however, canada goose outlet store near me he receives a call from home informing him of his mother’s recent death. canada goose outlet miami Reluctantly, he ventures back to the town of Carlinville, Indiana where he grew up to convene with his family ahead of the funeral. As he expected, the greeting between himself and his canada goose outlet houston father the local Judge Joseph Palmer is particularly frosty. As a young college graduate, Hank was desperate to leave the harsh and unfriendly grasp of his father but when the town’s sheriff tells him that canada goose outlet edmonton Joseph is now a murder suspect, he begins to feel a grudging obligation to cast their differences aside and help him protest his innocence. canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap By Sophie Miskiw in Lifestyle / Showbiz on canada goose jacket outlet toronto 09 April 2014 buy canada goose jacket cheap

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We defy anyone that tells us there isn’t a top secret celebrity forging factory somewhere out there. We present Exhibit A (B, C, D, etc.).

Canada Goose Jackets We’re starting to suspect that there’s only a handful of famous people, but that they canada goose outlet montreal each just have a few different aliases. We’ve never been able to put our finger on it until recently, but some of these celebs look far too similar to be different people. We’re considering a theory that canada goose outlet store montreal there is a celebrity factory and they only have a few different molds to cagooseclearance work with. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose store Paz Vega or Penelope Cruz? We just can’t work it out! canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet Take Penelope Cruz canada goose jacket outlet sale and Paz Vega for example. It’s hard to believe that these two aren’t at least a little bit related. We only realised recently that canada goose outlet online store review it’s Paz starring alongside Adam Sandler in Spanglish and not Penelope. Canada Goose Outlet

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